Pest Control in Buffalo NY – How LawnStarter Can Help

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If you live in Buffalo NY and are struggling with pests, there is help available. LawnStarter will match you with local Pest Control in Buffalo NY technicians that will get rid of all the unwanted guests in and around your home.

Pests aren’t just a nuisance; they can also be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. They can carry diseases such as rabies, which can be passed on by bites and scratches.


Buffalo Area homeowners and businesses are prone to pest problems throughout the year. During the warmer months, insect populations rise and pests seek out warm places like homes and businesses.

When insects become a nuisance, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. You should contact a Buffalo pest control company to help you remove the infestation.

Keeping a home or business pest-free is essential for your family’s health and safety. That’s why many Buffalo pest control companies offer quarterly treatment plans to keep ants, cockroaches, rodents and other pests away from your property.

Orkin is a nationally recognized name in pest control, with technicians who undergo rigorous training and are experienced in removing a variety of household pests. Orkin’s science-based approach to pest control is backed by the Orkin Guarantee, so you can trust that your local Buffalo Orkin Pro will apply the latest technology to protect your home and family.


Rodents of all kinds, especially rats and mice, are a major pest concern in Buffalo NY. They can infest homes, spread disease, and damage property.

While many homeowners can do a little DIY work on rodent control, it is recommended to hire a professional to handle your situation. A specialist will know how to assess the problem, implement a plan of treatment, and prevent future problems.

Rats and mice are a major issue for many people in Buffalo NY, and they can make your home or garage unlivable. They can gnaw through walls, chew on wires, and cause significant damage to your belongings.

Mice are much easier to control than rats, but a rat infestation can be hard to get rid of without help. Rats can multiply quickly and produce dozens of offspring each year.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed on blood from humans and animals. They’re rusty red and oval-shaped, flat, and can be about 1mm or larger (the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny).

Adults live several months without a blood meal but need only one to become full grown. They’re transparent until engorged with blood, which causes them to darken in color.

Nymphs, the young insects, are also translucent until they start feeding. They’re smaller and lighter in color than adults, and have a brownish-red stripe on their back.

Specks of blood are another sign that you have a bed bug problem in your home. Check blankets, sheets, and mattress pads for traces of blood or shell-like exoskeletons.

If you are worried that your Buffalo NY home is infested with bed bugs, contact a pest control professional right away. They will assess your situation and provide a customized treatment plan. They’ll work with you to contain and eliminate an infestation and prevent them from returning.


Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but they can also transmit disease to people and animals. Among the most common diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are West Nile Virus and Malaria.

Mosquito control in Buffalo NY is an essential component of preventing disease spread. Our pest experts are trained to use specialized chemicals that eliminate mosquitoes without harming the environment.

In addition to controlling the population, it’s important to remove water sources that may attract mosquitoes. This includes standing water in containers, tarps, tires, boats and children’s toys.

Other potential breeding sites include ponds and other large bodies of water. Make sure all water-holding containers have a drainage system or are turned over regularly.

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